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We specialize in FBA, FBM, OA prep, pack, and shipping into Amazon. I may be able to accommodate other online services, e.g. Shopify, Ebay, Walmart.


Do you offer a product/invoices photo-taking service (in case of ungating Amazon categories), and how much? 

         Yes, my cost per unit includes: Receiving, Inspection, Item pictures if damaged, Label removal, and Labeling (FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation warning, Single unit - do not open).


Is there a subscription fee or a monthly fee? If there is, how much about it? 

           I charge a one-time setup (registration) fee of $75 to get started.


Do you help to keep the receipt & and invoices? If you do, how long would you generally help to keep? 

           Yes, a shared Google Doc file will be setup all receipts, invoices, and documents pertaining to your shipments will be scanned and shared in file. 


Do you require a minimum quantity for each shipment?



Getting started - what does our onboarding look like? 

            If you are ready to get started, let me know and we can get everything going for you. Once you have paid your set-up fee of $75, I send over our Welcome e-mail with detailed instructions on how to get started. 


What's the turnaround time of your prep center?     

          This depends on your volume. I can typically turn around inventory in 24-48 hours. I work with all sellers to create a shipping plan that will suit their needs.  


Do you offer FBM service and the cost? 

          Yes, I charge $2.50/per unit 

Do you offer storage service for products and the cost? 

          Storage is free for items for 30 days - then $20/mo. thereafter. 


How to pay? Is PayPal acceptable? Charge by case or by month?

          I use PayPal invoicing. We can discuss other payment options if needed. I invoice weekly, storage fees monthly.

**The first three (3) shipments will be invoiced immediately after being shipped until trust has been established with the client**  

Can you buy on my behalf me in some special cases such as purchase number limit and the cost? 

          I do. I require payment for items upfront and charge an additional $1.25/per item purchased. 

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